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IC Design

GUTC’s products and services, applying to major advanced semiconductor industry and steel heavy industry sensor system both at home and abroad, are self-developed products and unique technology as a basis, which can be effective detection of process equipment overheating, wind pressure anomalies or resistance flow abnormalities and other phenomena, increase the yield of the process, reduce the scrap of semiconductor wafers, effectively enhance the customer’s ability to master the process equipment to achieve the prevention management, reduce costs and create the greatest benefits.  Please refer to the actual case analysis report.

Engaging in the semiconductor industry

GUTC is always standing in the first scene with many years of professional experience in the management and senior engineers in the semiconductor laboratory scene at home and abroad, always timely to meet the current demand, often get customer recognition, and apt to customer’s ideas.

Project Services KNOW HOW

GUTC understands the customer’s monitoring needs, have their uniqueness and necessity, the R & D team from the front of the sensor evaluation until the end of the monitoring system integration planning, continuing to bring customers the most complete monitoring program to meet customers of the system monitoring requirements.

專注感測 完整對策

GUTC insist on the “integrity-based”, “innovation management”, “professional planning”, “customization” and “value-added” …five major beliefs, customers get a comprehensive recognition and respected to create a win-win cooperation model, it is the company’s most important core value.

100% self-developed
Absolute technology Possessions
Reducing 30% manpower
Applying RCM
High degree of customer satisfaction
Complete solutions

GOTOB1000 remote management system To achieve unmanned automation beginning

The world’s most advanced wafer manufacturing plant has officially entered the era of fully automated, RCM (Remote Control Management)
is the core technology of unmanned plant for remote control management system, which can reduce the man-machine ratio to a minimum,
at least 30% reduction in manpower requirements.

Multimode sense integrator M.S.D.

MSD (Multi. Sensor Device) is the self-developed platform of GUTC,which can change all kinds of sensors according to different needs (such as pressure difference, emperature and humidity pressure ,vibration , particle, photo resist flow ) . They can be applied in the semiconductors or panel production machine for the requirements
of variety of sensors to immediately monitor the changes in key parameters, a ubstantial increase in yield, reduce scrap, and create more profit margins.

M.S.D. Configurable sensor combinations

Image module
Image module
Image module
Image module
Image module
Image module
Image module
Image module
Wind Differential Pressure
The Application of M.S.D.

in Semiconductor Process

Image module
Diffusion process
Image module
Film process
Image module
Lithography process
Image module
Etching process
Image module
Human plight

Early need for human handling products and machine status
confirmation that needs a lot of manpower in the clean room
operations, including manual handling products, machine-side
operation, machine operation teaching.

Image module
Applying RCM

Fabs to achieve precision multiplex / remote / production,
handling, machine automation and re-evolution.Reviewing
8-inch factory, past man-machine ratio is in 1: 3, and in the
early 12-inch plant to strengthen the implementation of remote
monitoring, man-machine ratio has reached 1:20.In the 12-inch
factory re-evolution, the man-machine ratio can reach more than
1:75; the technician has been able to work in the office without
having to enter the clean room.

Image module

Applying GUTC’s RCM remote control management system, combined with the factory automatically sending workers, can effectively reduce the manpower needs of clean room to achieve unmanned plant.

IOT fast platform
Soon to be available

IoT, Internet of Things, is a world-class star industry with a small, changing characteristic.
In recent years, GUTC is engaging in IoT, integration of intelligent hardware and software
technology, advanced SaaS cloud services, construction IoT fast platform.It is expecting to
provide a fast, convenient and simple IoT all-around solutions in 2017.

Highly applicable IOT cloud platform

All kinds of equipment can be interconnected and generate value-added services to create unlimited business opportunities, which are well known IOT charm, but in fact, is not easy.
Taking the new technology agriculture as an example, ask a farmer who does not have the knowledge of the ICT background to spend money to build the IOT farm, and then explore the planting technology, and summarize the planting process and engineers to communicate, and continue to support maintenance costs to ensure the correct planting process able to operate in the IOT system, of course, this opportunity is not high.

Equipment connection is not only high cost, but also need to rely on professional engineers. However, the engineers are limited by the professional segment, who cannot be familiar with the details of each industry in progress, customer needs cannot be well considered in every respect, and the establishment of personalized value-added services is not easy.

The above-mentioned outdated integration and business models hamper IOT applications. Imagining the development of personal computers, not from the requirements of the user to improve the skills (learn DOS instructions); but to reduce the operating threshold (such as: operating system window), so that everyone is easy to get started. Similarly, we think that the interconnection of equipments should be as simple as building blocks.

Only IOT system applications can be free to carry out, and is not limited by the engineering thinking to become popular.

Participating in IOT and creating ideas in various fields can become IOT value-added services, and then share, sales, is our purpose of building a cloud integration environment.

Gathering IOT resources and creativity in the clouds, together with the development of IOT scenario applications, and provide the following services:

    • Providing fast, simple, economical, combined with commercially available hardware resources for interconnection solutions.
    • Providing a personalized, freelance scenario profile design, trading platform.
    • To interactive forums, link market demand, creative ideas, IOT technology, diversified development of affordable IOT services / goods.

Photo resist flow monitoring system

In recent years, the issue of energy saving is increasing, and GUTC is engaging in the priority of customer-orientation to reduce the consumption, cost down and competitiveness, and the instantaneous FDC monitoring system for photo resist injection is developed. Each time of the amount of photo resist spray is instantly uploaded to IT side of the FDC system, the system automatically based on the amount of spray data to achieve the reduction and detection abnormal products timely.

Learn about GUTC's expertise in the development and design of industrial process equipment monitoring instruments.

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